Here are some notes to to help you in your preparation for marriage.

  1. Contact the pastor to arrange to a time to meet, have conversation and start the process.  The pastor has a worksheet that will help you before you apply for a marriage license and prepare for the wedding service. There is an expectation that each couple will engage in a time of marriage preparation with the pastor, which will be discussed at the first meeting.
  2. Obtain a marriage license from any town hall in Ontario or check out the online options.  It is only valid for a limited time, so check the limits.  See the Ontario’s information website. The last I checked the license is only valid for 3 months before your wedding.
  3. If you wish to change your surname name to your spouses name, check out the government of Ontario’s information website.  You can assume your spouses name quite easily, but you have to do this with each bank, school, government office/department etc. that knows you.
  4. When you get married you will probably want to have a marriage certificate.  You need to apply for this after your wedding.

Government of Ontario’s information website:

    Go to English / Life Events
    Look at FAQ (frequently asked questions)
    Type “Assuming a Spouse´s Name” into the search box.

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