St. Peter’s is engaged in several missional opportunities.

Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots – LAMP

This a group of pastors and pilots who fly in to northern communities to do their ministry. St. Peter’s supports LAMP’s ministries regularly by giving the loose offering on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

 Monkton Community Growing Project

This is a project supported by individuals and some of the churches in the Monkton, Brodhagen and Logan areas. St. Peter’s, Brodhagen, is committed to supporting this Canadian Foodgrains Bank project. Some of the members of our congregation volunteer on the executive committee, provide land, time and energy for the project every year. Read more about the Monkton Growing Project.

 Olive Branch For Children

In 2008 St. Peter’s 150th Anniversary Committee selected the “The Olive Branch for Children” organisation as our yearlong service project. This organisation assists children in the Mbeya region of Tanzania who have been orphaned by the ravages of HIV/AIDS or have been born with HIV/AIDS. The Olive Branch for Children started planning an irrigation project to help the local communities grow their own food efficiently and effectively. As a farming community we know, only to well, the necessity of water for food production.

Deborah McCracken, who conceived The Olive Branch for Children, came to our congregation for the first time on 10th February 2008 to share her experiences and discuss with us how we can help. We have been blessed by Deborah’s visit every year since then and we look forward each year to hearing how the project has progressed and how it has changed the lives of the people in those very dry parts of Tanzania.

Each year in October we host a “Celebration of Local Food Meal” at St. Peter’s when we eat the fruit and fat of the local land – pork and corn from local farms, potatoes and squash from local gardens, and whatever else we bring to the table that year. The parallelism of this celebration is quite beautiful:

In the village of Brodhagen, Ontario, we grow and eat local food, celebrate God’s goodness, raise and send money to the people in the village of Mahongo, Tanzania, so that they can grow and eat local food, and also celebrate God’s goodness.

This is a very exciting project for The Olive Branch for Children and is also an exciting project for our farming community here at St. Peter’s.

Youth Unlimited Mitchell – Dan Walker & Janelle Kuepfer

Dan and Janelle have joined us for worship to tell of their hopes and prayers for the Youth Unlimited Mitchell ministry. Dan is currently volunteering part time at the Mitchell District High School and running the Youth Centre in Mitchell along with Janelle. We are supporting Dan and Janelle’s mission work to the young people of Mitchell and invite you to contribute prayers and financial support for his encouragement: Youth Unlimited Mitchell.

Shelter Link – Stratford

More to come on our work with Shelter Link – a place for homeless youth.

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