Baptism is one of two Sacraments in the Lutheran church, the other being Holy Communion. A Sacrament is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. It includes two things:

  1. God’s word or command (we hear about it in the Bible)
  2. Something tangible

Simply put, a Sacrament is God reaching out and touching us, through the water or the bread and wine. 

As Lutherans we baptise infants, children, youth and adults. Contact the pastor if you wish to pursue Christ’s call through Baptism for yourself or for a child in your care. 

Information for baptismal families:

  • The service starts at 10:00am; please arrive 10-15 minutes before the service and the pastor will connect with you
  • Pews will not be reserved but families often sit in the first few pews on the pulpit (east/Bornholm) side of the sanctuary
  • Your child does not need to wear a special garment or colour for baptism. Any outfit is suitable.
  • There is not a fee for baptism. If you wish to make a donation to the church you may do so at the time of the offering.
  • Videotaping and photos are encouraged. You’ll want to remember this special event!
  • Other children in the family are welcome to come forward with the baptismal party for the baptism if you wish. Some Sundays the Sunday School children will be upstairs for the baptism. On those Sundays I invite them up to the front for a first row view.
  • If you need to nurse, feed, change or quiet your baby there are washrooms located in the basement where you can find some privacy. We don’t expect your baby/child to be silent for the entire service – sounds and noises are a welcome sign of life! If you are looking to quiet your baby you can always slip out to the narthex (the foyer area outside the sanctuary).
  • If you have any questions about the Baptism please call Pastor Rob at 519-345-2807 or by email at We are happy to help you and thrilled to provide this Sacrament for your child.
  • We invite you to bring your children to Sunday School at the age of 4. It is one of the ways that we can help you fulfill the promises you made to God on the day of your child’s baptism! We offer Sunday School classes most Sundays during the worship service (excluding the summer months).
  • Confirmation, or affirmation of Baptism, takes place in grade 8.